Caring For Your Wigs

There are a number of reasons why people use wigs. Some men use wigs to cover a bald spot or a receding hairline that resulted from hereditary premature balding. Some women use wigs so they can wear outrageous hairstyles and hair colors without subjecting their real hair to the risk of damage that such styling can cause. Some women, on the other hand, resort to wearing wigs to restore their confidence after losing their hair while undergoing medical treatments such as chemotherapy.

A wig can be made of either real human hair or synthetic hair. A wig that is created by an excellent wigmaker can appear as real as the hair that grew naturally on the wig-wearer’s head. No matter how like real hair a wig appears to be, its appearance can quickly deteriorate if it is not cared for properly. Just like real hair, a wig needs to be maintained to keep it in good shape.

Washing is essential to the maintenance of wigs. A wig must be washed after being worn around six or eight times if its wearer lives in a place where the climate is hot and humid. If the wearer lives in cooler climes, it is perfectly all right to wash the wig being used around 12 to 15 times. However, if the wearer is active athletically, does a lot of wig styling, or is often exposed to dust and dirt, the wig should then be washed at least once a week.

To wash a wig, cold water and wig shampoo should be used. In the absence of wig shampoo, gentle baby shampoo will do. A wig should never be subjected to harsh cleaning chemicals and detergent. Before washing, the wig should be shaken out or fluffed out gently. The shampoo is then applied to a basin of cold water; a capful or a teaspoonful of shampoo is enough. The wig is then left to soak in this mixture for around two to five minutes.

When the time is up, the wig is then rinsed in cold water. The wig should merely be shaken or swirled in the water, never scrunched or twisted while wet. When all the shampoo is rinsed out, the excess water may be gently squeezed out of the wig, but without twisting it. For best results in wig washing, wig conditioner may be applied to the wig. Afterwards, the process of rinsing it in cold water is repeated.

To dry a wig effectively, the excess water should be blotted out with a towel, and then the wig should be left to dry on a separate towel or placed on a wig stand made of wire. The wig should be air-dried. A blow dryer should never be applied to a wig, and the wig should not be exposed to direct sunlight or direct heat as well. Exposing a wig to any source of heat is always the quickest way to ruin it.

After the wig has become dry, it can then be styled using a wig comb or a wig brush, or even with just the fingertips. To create curls on a wig, liquid mousse specially formulated for wigs may be applied to the wig, and then the strands of the wig are gently twisted and scrunched to make them curl. To leave a wig’s locks straight and smooth, applying liquid wig mousse and brushing it lightly is enough.

A wig can be cut and styled as its wearer sees fit. However, to get the cutting done properly, the wig should be taken to a professional wig stylist. A professional wig stylist should be able to customize the wig for its wearer.

Storing the wig is also crucial in maintaining its condition and quality. To store a wig properly, it must be placed on a wig stand. Placing a wig on a wig stand will help the wig retain its shape and form. Before it is stored away, however, the wig should be brushed or fluffed out using a wig comb or a brush made with wire.

After the wig is placed on its stand, it should then be covered with a hairnet. The hairnet is supposed to protect the wig from dirt and dust. The wig on the wig stand should always be kept in a place that is far away from heat and humidity, as well as free from dust. Protecting the wig from dust will prevent its wearer from getting allergies.

There are many reasons why people wear wigs. No matter what these reasons are, however, the important thing is that wigs should be taken care of properly, just as if they are the wearer’s real hair. A wig that is maintained properly for always will remain looking beautiful for a prolonged period of time.

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Choosing A Wig – Dispelling The Wig Myths

Despite revolutionary changes in the wig industry and in the way wigs look and feel, many misconceptions about wigs persist. Here are a few of the most common myths.

MYTH #1: Wigs are hot, itchy and uncomfortable.

Not true. Innovations in wig design have resulted in wigs that are lighter and more comfortable than ever before – with many of today’s wigs weighing 2 oz. or less. Thinner wefts (fabric to which fibers are sewn) and lighter cap construction allows for greater air circulation. New lightweight wig fiber like WhisperLite® is softer and finer, resulting in an even lighter look and feel. Other wig features provide additional comfort, like velvet bands for added softness. Many wigs are also available in sizes, which ensures that the wig will remain comfortably and securely in place.

MYTH #2: Human hair wigs are better because they’re more natural.

One of the biggest misconceptions about wigs is that 100% human hair wigs will be more natural looking than synthetic wigs. Many women fear that “synthetic” wigs will look synthetic. This is not true! Each type of wig has its own unique benefits.

Synthetic wigs come prestyled, and are the easiest to care for. For this reason, synthetic styles are most often recommended by stylists to clients undergoing treatment. Synthetic wigs also offer a variety of comfort features, including non-slip linings, lightweight fiber and multiple sizes for a secure fit.

Human hair wigs, while more versatile, are not prestyled and therefore require more work. Unlike synthetic styles, these wigs can be heat-styled. They tend to weigh a bit more, and often require some trimming and customization.

MYTH #3: Wigs can cause damage to the scalp and slow natural hair growth.

Not true. Wearing a wig will not harm the scalp or inhibit regrowth. Many women choose to wear a wig because it can improve their mood and self-confidence. Other benefits of wig wearing include helping maintain body heat and preventing overexposure of sensitive skin to the elements.

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What Beginners Ought To Know About Picking The Right Hair Extension

Are you looking for a guide that can help you understand whatever about hair extensions in Sydney and how to use them? If so, then you are in the right place, and this guide will help you learn what you need to know about hair extensions and help you understand the very best way to wear them with no hassles!

Clip-In Hair Extensions – What does it mean?

Clip-in extensions are the most straightforward and fastest solution to obtain thick and long hair in merely minutes. These wefts feature clips connected to them that can be clip into natural hair weft by weft. If you are searching for a solution that can help you get longer, stunning locks without the inconvenience and long-term devotion, then this is the perfect solution to it.

Which Hair Extension is most excellent for you?

When you are out, looking for the very best extensions for yourself, then you must choose one that thoroughly mixes with your natural hair and way of life. If you like to shower, swim, play, and dance, on a regular basis, then the clip-in extensions are an ideal choice for you. These extensions offer appropriate hygiene and will even last longer than other extensions.

The Life Expectancy of Hair Extensions!

When you will are buying extensions, then you will be investing your core money in it. For this reason, it is excellent if you wish to know for how long they last and how long lasting they are! The lifespan of extensions depends upon how well you look after them and how well they are maintained, the clip-in extensions are amongst the most lasting extensions available in the area. If you purchase high-quality clip-in extensions, then they would last longer for six months.

Do Hair Extensions Damage Hair?

Whether wigs will damage your hair or not depends upon the method, they are applied. While some extensions are permanent and can trigger damage, utilising temporary extensions will not cause any damage to your natural hair. Clip-in extensions are temporary hair extensions and will not harm your natural hair. The only thing you have to ensure is to prevent sleeping with wigs and placing excessive tension on your hair. For this reason, if looking for damage-free extensions, then clip-in extensions is the best answer!

Selecting the Right Color for Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are readily available in varieties of colours and shades, differing from Ash Blonde to Jet Black. You can shop for multi-tonal adapt systems that indicate there are lowlights and subtle, darker and lighter hairs through each set. Thus, you can pick extensions ranging in motion, depth, and dimension. Likewise, ensure that you choose the extension that blends well with your natural hair. You can continuously browse online and pick an extension shade before you make a decision.

Are Hair Extensions an Excellent Choice for Short Hair?

If you have short hair of a minimum of 6-7 inches around the shoulder length, then you can use extensions. With this length, it is possible to mix extensions perfectly and have a hairdo that you would desire.

If you have much shorter hair then we would recommend you opt for tape in hair extensions that will ensure that your wefts are an ideal mix of the natural hair. It is necessary that you select a more substantial weight extension since if you choose a lighter weight extension, then this may appear abnormal and stringy. If you have short as well as light hair, then we suggest you utilise lighter extensions.

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Why Will Wigs Never Go Out Of Fashion?

Quite simply because fashion exists, With every new fashion we are bombarded with a never ending parade of weird and wonderful hairstyles that we would never in a million years be able to keep up with. Long hair short hair pink hair whatever the style the beauty of the wig is in its capacity to keep up with the latest trends. I don’t see many people wearing them you might say to yourself ! so is it simply not cool to wear such an accessory? Absolutely not… The reason that wigs do not seem prevalent is simply because they are just too well designed. With the latest technologies and tools it is now possible to create an array of superbly crafted specimens that are oblivious to all but the wearer. One reason is the investment made by the film industry, The sums invested in special effects and costumes nowadays have caused the science of wig making to rise to a whole new plateau.

You see there are more wigs out there that you could possibly imagine. Over the past 6 years wig purchases have risen by a staggering 30% and are being bought by absolutely everyone…We simply love em.

What about the guys?

As I have said the art of wigmaking is reaching new heights. No more do we see those emabarressing and ludicrus creations so often worn by our favourtite newsreader or gameshow host. Designs that look so wild and angry that they seem capable of jumping off the wearers head and attacking anyone who might get in their way. Men can now wear wigs [ toupe’s ] with as much confidence and masculin gain as the most pamperered of movie stars . Nowdays it is quite normal for a mens section to be included in many of the top hairpiece websites and it is also very easy to arrange a private and totally advantageous fitting consultation .

Buying wigs is now even simpler with the aid of the internet. We can now choose a design with great ease and forward the necessary fitting requirements to the vendor in a matter of seconds. In no time at all the mailman is knocking at our door with your eagerly awaited “Brand new image”.

You can go from frumpy to stunning in a matter of minutes and without the need, repeated expense and time consuming effort of a trip to your local hairdresser. Don’t be afraid to dive in and choose the next “YOU”..they say that image can change your life so why not give it a go and see where it takes you.

Sometimes too there are folk who require cosmetic hairpiece assistance for totally medical reasons. You will find that the professional attitude of the industry has improved in leaps and bounds. You see there is a real difference between the person buying for added glamour and the person who is trying to adjust to an illness be it temporary or permanent. The majority of suppliers will be totally able and more than capable of aiding you in every aspect of a situation that you as a person would not normally find yourself in [ Don’t forget not everybody has a budding Pamela Anderson inside who is eager to jump out and make herself known to the world ] . Sometimes we find ourselves in uneasy situations but with the right help and assistance more times than not the results can be quite astounding. Many people even continue to use wigs even when their illness is long gone and a distant echo . You see the cosmetic benefits to wearing a wig can be literally become a life changing event and in fact the silver lining to a once cloudy situation.

Wigs have been with us for hundreds of years for many kinds of reasons and until the time comes when mankind might have evolved into some kind hairless super being then wigs are here to stay .[ Who knows by then they may even end up being a “required” item of our attire just like a simple pair of shoes or pants?]

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