Body Treatments


Benefits of Body Treatments

- Improves texture, allowing skin to look vibrant and healthy.
- Reduces fine lines and wrinkles, giving skin a younger appearance.
- Improves blood circulation.
- Removes impurities providing skin the ability to absorb needed oxygen.
- Opens clogged pores where blackheads and acne harbor.


Back Facial Treatment - $90.00 - 60 mins

This treatment is customized to the skin type and/or condition. It is beneficial for oil control, dryness, acne, sun-damage as well as can be modified for sensitive skin. Included in this treatment are cleansing, extraction (if necessary), exfoliation, enzyme, massage and SPF. A Back Facial Treatment will leave skin visibly softer, smoother and more radiant. 


Body Polish - $110.00 - 60 mins

This treatment will begin with a gentle pure honey and shea butter cleanse, followed by an invigorating dead sea salt exfoliation. Concluding this service will be a scalp and body massage infused with essential oils, delivering vital moisture to a once deprived skin.


Seaweed Body Detox - $130.00 - 75 mins

Body wraps containing seaweed and mud help the body rid itself of toxins. This treatment begins with exfoliating the body with dead sea and mineral salt. Dead sea salts are known for their healing and therapeutic properties while minerals and other nourishing oils relax and soothe. Next, your esthetician will apply a body mud infused with active seaweed and marine extracts that will penetrate into the skin purifying and repairing texture as well as increasing circulation. Lastly, a light body massage will replenish moisture leaving skin smooth and luminous. Included in this service is a hand massage wrapped in warm mitts and a warming foil blanket used during mask application.

** If you are claustrophobic this treatment may not be recommended. **