Men's Page


MANicure - $22.00 - 30 mins

Soak, smooth and shape nails, groom cuticles, massage with a hydrating menthol lotion. Optional buff for shine.


MENthol Pedicure - $58.00 - 60 mins

Relieve hard working feet with an invigorating MENthol pedicure. Included in this pedicure: nail and cuticle care, exfoliation to remove dry skin, mask wrapped in warm towels, foot and lower leg massage to soothe tired muscles. Optional buff for shine.


Gentlemen's Facial - $85.00 - 60 mins

This treatment is customized for all skin types. Includes cleansing, extraction (if necessary), enzyme, massage, hydration and SPF.

Active Ingredients: vary based on skin type.


Gentlemen's Back Facial - $90.00 - 60 mins

This treatment is customized to the skin type and/or condition. It is beneficial for oil control, dryness, acne, sun-damage as well as can be modified for sensitive skin. Included in this treatment are cleansing, extraction (if necessary), exfoliation, enzyme, massage and SPF. A Back Facial Treatment will leave skin visibly softer, smoother and more radiant.


Airbrush Tan - $40.00 - 30 mins

Please click HERE to visit our Airbrush Tan page for more information.

-Disposable boxers and briefs available.


Hair Removal

Brow $20.00
Nose $10.00
Neck $25.00 & up
Lower Leg $40.00 & up
Under Arm $22.00
Half Arm $30.00 & up
Full Arm $45.00 & up
Shoulders $30.00 & up
Chest $45.00 & up
Abdomen (whole) $45.00 & up
Back $55.00 & up
Patch $10.00 & up
Toes (each toe) $5.00
Toes (both feet) $25.00